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Where’s your Stopcock?

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Wouldn’t it be great to find your stopcock easily everytime you move home?

Most people have at least spent some time looking for the stopcock and when they do, it could be located in places that are hard to reach. This could even mean that the stopcock needs to be relocated and will involve a plumber. There are even tips on how to find and relocate your stopcock on the internet.

Aren’t there better ways to manage such things? 

I recently moved to a new apartment and had difficulties turning the heating on too. It took me a couple of days to figure out what the problem was after hours of searching the web. 

Imagine if the information was provided to us in advance and we didn’t have to waste time and effort finding the stopcock or in my case the heating system. At DadShed, we are trying to solve those issues, save time, effort and money for the users of the building.

DadShed will champion tenants and homeowners, working with the professionals involved in the real estate sector by enabling the data within buildings to be easily accessible.

Let us know what you think about this? We’d love to hear from you.

Manchester property developers – you want more!

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Could your existing apartments be worth around 10% more?

Current research being done by our MBA intern – he is looking at the relationship between the residual value of investment motor vehicles and property assets – and the initial insight is quite interesting..

The general findings show that vehicles that have been owned and maintained in line with OEM recommendations are worth in the order of 10% more than assets that do not have formal maintenance records (full-service history).

Aha I hear you cry – surely that is obvious when talking about cars as the 10% extra value has been spent during the life of the vehicle (in preventative maintenance), which would mean that it is not really an ‘additional’ return. This assumption would be correct, however – there are the hidden benefits of having a more reliable (and safe) car during its operational life, which means that emergency repairs/upset are more likely to be reduced. As with a well-maintained apartment, the tenants have less of a chance of having a problem – and in turn, require additional out of hour assistance. This ultimately means that residents would have a more positive tenant/landlord experience, with less unplanned maintenance charges!

There are some other interesting insights into how hidden value can be measured, with the adoption of more advanced maintenance strategies – the important, and the critical element is ensuring that the cost of this activity is effectively managed and monitored to ensure a positive return on investment.

DadShed is a Manchester PropTech startup, with the first app that is designed to simplify property management, while building trust and networking property, people and places..

*We are finding it hard to unearth specific raw data within specific property segments – anyone working within this area, we would love to speak with you and share our research – in return for your input.

Occupier pain points

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Haven’t we all had at some point problems dealing with the old ‘washing machine’ breaking down scenario? We then had to repair it or replace it completely.

One renter had this issue that happened to them and we quote:

“When I was in Istanbul renting, the washing machine in our apartment broke down and we were forced to repair it. To compound the issue, the landlord asked us to pay for it since he doesn’t live with us and it came as quite a shock to me. Shortly after that, it broke down again and this time we had to buy a new one because it was beyond repair.”

How do you avoid such hassle? How can you tell if certain items in a house are old, need to be repaired or even exchanged?

This is one of the many examples that property management is not only time consuming, labour intensive but also chaotic. It costs time, effort and in my case money!

DadShed is about property data, that is being leaked, lost, misplaced, forgotten or simply thrown away. It is about championing tenants and homeowners so that problems like this can be managed in a better way.

Don’t you think it’s time for property management to receive an upgrade and to be digitised?

Stand out from the crowd through Design

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The fifth PropTech event in our series on Property Technology & Design is on the 26th of September 2019.

6:00: Drinks & networking.
6:15: 30-second intro of each attendee.
6:30: 3x companies at 15 minutes each sharing a PropTech experience/story + 5 mins for Q&A. Franky Rousell (Co-founder & Creative Director) of
Robin Arnold (Creative Director) of
Rachel Bird (Creative Director) of
7:30: Food & networking.
8:00: Close.

Confirm your attendance at