Can you share your knowledge & insights around PropTech?

By September 23, 2019Public

In 2019, DadShed started organising a bi-monthly Meetup focusing on the world that is the PropTech at venues within Manchester.

Check out for more detail, and how to register this is a way to be kept informed about future events and see who has presented in the past.

The ambition is to host the largest and most active PropTech meetup in the UK we believe that we are well over halfway there having nearly 220 members in the group (the largest UK group that we are aware of has in the order of 400 members in London).

Our next Manchester PropTech event is on Thursday 26th of September, we are looking forward to exploring how design plays an important part both internally and externally within developments.

We do have a plan for future speakers and events in 2020, and would appreciate any feedback that people might have we are also keen to engage with anyone wishing to share their expertise within PropTech and property development, welcoming conversations to explore how we add value to this sector ‘together’.

You can see future event topics at