1. Is it free?

A – Yes. 

  1. Where is my data stored? 

A – 

  1. Is my data backed up?

A – It is your own responsibility to back your data up. 

  1. Where does the website operate from?

A – 

  1. Is the electronic signature legally binding?

A – Yes. 

  1. How do I change my login? 

A – 

  1. How do I upload a property?

A – You upload a property by clicking the plus button in the left hand corner under the property section. Then follow the instructions. 

  1. What is done with my data?

A – 

  1. Would my community be contacted by RoomAgree Ltd directly?

A – No, your community is your personal data, we will not communicate with them directly and we will not ‘Poach’ any of your community. 

  1. What happens if I stop working with my developer?

A – You can still join the platform with another developer. 

  1. Do you provide support for the end user?

A – No, the end user is the line managers responsibility. 

  1. How do I reset my password?

A – Within the login section there will be a link which states “I have forgotten my password” click this link and follow the instructions. 

  1. How many properties can I upload?

A – 

  1. How big can my community be?

A – 

  1. Is there a size limit on the files I upload?

A – 

  1. How secure is my data?

A – 

  1. What is this application used for?

A – This application is used to manage your property all in one place. It connects property developers and tenants together. 

  1. Can this application be used for commercial properties?

A – Yes. 

  1. Does my data expire?

A – 

  1. Where are my images stored?

A – 

  1. Do we get support with the application?

A – We do not give support, you must contact a partner to receive support.

  1. Can you bring your own suppliers into the platform?

A – Yes, however, they will not be considered to be verified marketplace providers they will be ‘user recommended’ marketplace providers.