This agreement is between: 

RoomAgree Ltd at its registered office of, M M R & Co Chartered Certified Accountants, 57, Manchester, England, M4 4FS.


[Company Name] at [Registered Address] 

Shared Value Pricing. 

RoomAgree Ltd will charge [Company] a fee of £5 per month to remain on the platform. If [Company] miss a payment they will be removed from the platform, until payments are continued.

Additional Fees. 

If [Company] would like additional promotion/sponsorship within the platform they will be charged a fee of £___ by RoomAgree Ltd plus the shared value pricing; as stated above. 

RoomAgree Ltd will charge a fee for every item purchased from [Company] which has been redirected to from RoomAgree Ltd’s platform. The table below sets out RoomAgree Ltd’s standard fees: 

Item/s price:RoomAgree fee: 
£0 – £9.99Free
£10 – £49.99£3
£50 – £99.99 £5
£100 – £499.99£8
£500 – £1000£15

Categories & different prices: 

  • Insurance 
  • Re-pair
  • Re-sell 
  • Re-cycle 


Signed on behalf of RoomAgree Ltd


Signed on behalf of [Company]