Join our Marketplace & sell property related services into our registered users.
Does your business have a digital product or virtual property SaaS that RoomAgree users could benefit from?

– We pay your business £0.75p GBP for each RoomAgree Virtual Product purchased by your customer.
– Or pay £15.00p GBP per month if they purchase our Agent Subscription service, valid for the lifetime of the registration.

– A fee of £0.25p GBP is deducted for the sale of each of your virtual or digital services, sold through theRoomAgree platform, there is no minimum orders.

If your business is interested in selling to any of the below user groups then contact us at support{at}
1. Building and Home Owners.
2. Tenants and Sharers including Prospects.
3. Estate Agents.

Services in  development:
4. Property Managers.
5. Trades & Service providers.
6. Neighbours & Guarantor.
7. Freeholders.
8. Property Developers.
9. Retailers or Utilities to property.