Occupier pain points

By August 30, 2019Public

Haven’t we all had at some point problems dealing with the old ‘washing machine’ breaking down scenario? We then had to repair it or replace it completely.

One renter had this issue that happened to them and we quote:

“When I was in Istanbul renting, the washing machine in our apartment broke down and we were forced to repair it. To compound the issue, the landlord asked us to pay for it since he doesn’t live with us and it came as quite a shock to me. Shortly after that, it broke down again and this time we had to buy a new one because it was beyond repair.”

How do you avoid such hassle? How can you tell if certain items in a house are old, need to be repaired or even exchanged?

This is one of the many examples that property management is not only time consuming, labour intensive but also chaotic. It costs time, effort and in my case money!

DadShed is about property data, that is being leaked, lost, misplaced, forgotten or simply thrown away. It is about championing tenants and homeowners so that problems like this can be managed in a better way.

Don’t you think it’s time for property management to receive an upgrade and to be digitised?