Paperwork sucks – when it is not managed! for your home

By July 4, 2019Public

Just today I have experienced the frustrating effect of mismanaging household paperwork – knowing that something exists, however not being able to find it.. This error cost over an hour of time – as well as potentially wasting £400 in hard cash!

A family member bought a Dyson cleaner (other brands were available!) nearly 5 years ago, with an extended warranty which made sense – especially since it would be in use frequently. Everything great – until it stopped working after four and a half years. In order to be eligible for the warranted repair service we had to provide the original proof of purchase well as associated paperwork – and this was where the problem started. The paperwork and even email trail had been misplaced/lost!

This is just one household item that should have been better managed – not to mention the critical items including the gas boiler and electrics. This tiny upset turned into a massive waste of time and money – and what makes it even more frustrating for them, it could have all been avoided!

DadShed is on a mission to simplify property management – with an eye on Manchester-based developers initially; In effect superseding the home user manual.

Would love to know how other people are managing their properties – do you think it could be done better?