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It worked….bloody hell, amazing.

I self-manage a number of properties and have been renting out the rooms in Cambridge, UK for the last 30 years. I used to use paper, pen and photocopy past rental agreements, filling them out by hand.

As I travel for family and leisure this way of working was simply no longer viable and tenants needs have changed too. With the advent of the internet and RoomAgree, I can now manage tenancies from anywhere in the world, it is a timesaver.

Many of my tenants are International and hence it is not always possible to meet them in person, RoomAgree solves this. I invite them into the APP and we have the prospective tenant fill out their details, then sign online and therefore they have their agreement for their own administration needs.

Out of habit, I always print out the PDF of the tenancies and store a hardcopy back at my home office.

I would never go back to using Microsoft Word, printed paper & sign using a pen!

from Richard – Semi Retired Landlord – Manila, Philippines

I am an accidental renter of rooms, after moving to a new house and deciding not to sell my first-time apartment.

My presumption was by using OpenOffice and emailing room rental agreements, that I was already being quite efficient, this was before I was introduced to RoomAgree. My only previous experience of the lettings industry was when I was a student and everything had to be done using paper and I was required to attend the estate agent’s office.

With RoomAgree, besides the obvious advantage of the speed of administration, I have found RoomAgree useful for tenants too, as sometimes they require documentation which is official and is date stamped which cannot be achieved with a simple word processor application.

With right-to-rent legislation now in force in the UK, I always ask my sharers to take a photograph of their passports or visa page, then have them upload it to RoomAgree; There is placeholder there which can be accessed or included within the PDF generated by the APP.

As RoomAgree provides a Tenant Portal it enables these sharers to download their agreements as proof of address to open a bank account or register with a local doctor.

RoomAgree saves both times for me and more importantly allows my tenants to self-service without having to wait for my response by text or email.

from Nayna – Accidental landlady – Manchester, United Kingdom

I decided to rent out two rooms in my private property as not come back to an empty home;  I took advantage of the United Kingdom government £7,500 tax free allowance per year with the permission of the leaseholder.

At a time before RoomAgree in 2016, I was having to meet lodgers in person at a mutually convenient time to have them sign and provide proof they had a right to rent in England.

Before facilities of this Room Agreement APP, I used to have my prospective lodgers take a photograph of their signature with a smart phone and then import it as a picture file into Microsoft Word on the Mac; At the time I thought this was quite innovative of me! This allowed them to copy the document to their own computers.

RoomAgree is obviously a natural progression of making the signature official using software with their e-signature service via email and I am sure it would hold up in any property dispute court in England or Wales.

I also found RoomAgree useful for tenants too, as on one occasion I had a former lodger make expenses claim for accommodation from her university. This claim was done some considerable time after time has passed from her original stay and therefore it would have been time-consuming for me to find her past tenancy stored on my Google Drive. Instead with RoomAgree, I simply asked her to request her password again on the website me and then she was able to download all her relevant tenancy documents; I presumed it worked as I never heard from her again!

Not only do I log into RoomAgree when necessary yet my tenants do as well, I can see how it will be work in other countries too and in other languages too.

from Aaron – Rooms rented to Lodgers – Cambridge, United Kingdom